Virginia Refinance Program Makes Getting Cash Easy For Homeowners

How to access your home's equity and get a lump sum cash payment that can be used for anything.

Terry Jefferson |July 29th, 2022

Savvy homeowners who are coping with rising inflationary costs are taking advantage of this refinance program that gives them a cash payment on average of $55,000. This program offers Virginia homeowners a chance to cash in on their home's skyrocketing value.

When homeowners visit Fetcharate, many are shocked to learn their home value has increased by 35-45%. Homeowners who have equity in their home will likely quality to get a lump sum cash payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Homeowners are flocking to get their payment and currently Cash Out Refinances make up for 50% of all mortgage refinances. As many are using this program to secure much needed cash, pay for home renovations, dream vacations, cover a major expense like a wedding or college tuition or to simply cash in on their successful home investment.

A cash out refinance in today's uncertain market simply makes sense. Not only can you qualify for tens or even hundreds of thousands in cash-out. but you can also cut your interest payment by thousands of dollars a year.

Homeowners are getting massive cash out payments, see how much you qualify for >>

Main benefits if you act today:

  • Get cash for home improvements, pay off debts, or pay for your kid’s college tuition
  • Lower your mortgage interest and the amount of your monthly payment
  • Max out your cash out with tens or hundreds of thousands for you at closing

How much money will you get?

By using Fetcharate you can compare rates and cash-out offers side by side. Checking your eligibility is just a few quick clicks away, with expert guidance from real mortgage bankers right at your fingertips.

Many homeowners are wondering if this program is simply too good to be true. But here’s the thing: it’s not! All homeowners can apply for this program in just 2 minutes.

Want To See How Much You Can Get? Here’s How

Step 1: Select Your Current Mortgage Balance

Step 2: Go onto Fetcharate and find out your home is actually worth. Many homeowners are shocked to see how much money they qualify for...

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